Black & White Photography Challenge

We interrupt this program to bring you a special photo challenge.

You’ve probably seen the Seven Day Photography Challenge floating around on all your social media. Well, it’s making its rounds all along the blog circuit too! I was tagged by Naomi at Disaster Davis. And like Naomi, I decided on a single post rather than one each day. She tagged me for the 28th of December, but as her post went live on the 31st, I started on January 1st!

While my blog is primarily beauty-related, I didn’t want to limit myself solely to beauty-related images. But as my blog was tagged, it still makes sense for me to post the images on my blog. I’ve been meaning to experiment more with my camera, and therefore I was playing around with settings and things. The entire experience was so much fun!

The rules:

Seven days
Seven black and white photos
No people
No explanations
Challenge someone new everyday

I set myself a few extra camera-related rules. I only used my 50mm lens and only used my viewfinder, not the screen on the back of my camera.

Monday January 1:

I tag Jinny over at Hey Hunnyy!

Tuesday January 2:

I tag Anna over at Bee Beauty!

Wednesday January 3:

I tag Sam over at Beauty-Blush!

Thursday January 4:

I tag MrsStrawberryBlonde!

Friday January 5:

I tag Adryana over at Adryana’s Beauty Blog!

Saturday January 6:

I tag Tigritsa!

Sunday January 7:

I tag Mrinalini over at LipstickforLunch!

For everyone who I tagged, you aren’t required to do this tag, but I certainly hope you would (and I hope you have fun with it)!

-xo, Andi

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