Play by Sephora – December 2017

Play by Sephora – December 2017

Hi guys! It’s (finally) time to review my Play by Sephora bag from December. My bag came pretty late on December 21, when I normally would get it around the 15th of the month. November’s bag also seemed to come a bit later. Between not posting on Christmas, a previously-written post, and my usual empties posts, that of course means that my first opportunity for my review… is now.

By the way, my mailman wedged this box into my mailbox, and the only way for me to get it out was to tear open the box, pull the bag and info card out, and bend all of the cardboard enough to actually pull it out. So sorry, no pictures of the box this month. A rather unusual unboxing for sure!

The service:

For $10 a month, you get five beauty samples and one perfume sample, all of which are brands found at Sephora, in a cute bag. There are plenty of extras with this subscription, too – a super-detailed info card, the option to get in-person help at Sephora stores, an online community, and an extra 50 Beauty Insider points. My favorite point is that this service strikes a good balance between customization and following a theme.

The theme:

Glam Straight. Who doesn’t have at least one reason to glam up a little bit this month? With all of the holidays, festivities, and parties, there’s sure to be some reason to glam up at least once. Not only do the products match this theme really well, their packaging ties right in with the color schemes too!

The bag:

I love this bag! I’m not a fan of the usual cheap cotton, the weird sayings, or the cartoon drawings. The silky pale gold and gemstone sort of design scream old Hollywood glamour to me. And Glam Straight isn’t quite as cringe-worthy as some of the other sayings. This may be the first bag that I do want to keep! The navy, darker coppery gold and white of the info sheet clashes a little though.

The products:

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Duo in Golden Hour
Anastasia Lip Gloss in Vintage
Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1
Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat
Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Prism Cream
Tom Ford Black Orchid

The Smashbox Cover Shot eyeshadow duo:

I do like the Smashbox Cover Shot palettes. This duo is just so pretty – a warm peachy gold and a darker taupe that go very well together! I also love the chosen colors as representatives of the palette. If I were to get a new Cover Shot palette, I was actually considering Golden Hour. Now that I have two of the shades, I may have to reconsider (but with the amount of eyeshadow I currently have, I really don’t need it).

The ABH Lip Gloss:

I’m not a big fan of gloss. I prefer pale shades, no stickiness, and lower shine. That said, I do love lipsticks that are this kind of color and I’ve been using a darker MAC Vamplify gloss called Tuned In lately (review/swatch here) so a lighter shade makes sense. This gloss doesn’t feel super sticky, but it’s a thick formula and there is some glitter in the formula that I can feel on my lips. I don’t see the glitter on my lips despite feeling the chunks, though. The color is pretty opaque, without an annoying amount of shine. I may get some use from this, either on lipsticks or on its own.

The Drybar Triple Sec:

I think this is supposed to be a styling spray/ dry shampoo type of thing. I generally only use dry shampoo to remove any oiliness, rather than texture or hold or whatever else dry shampoo is supposed to do, and I don’t style my hair much. This isn’t good as a dry shampoo. The scent started out really nice, kind of sweet, but then turned into a generic dry shampoo/hairspray scent.

The Laura Mercier eyelid primer:

I’ve actually never used a colored primer before. This one is a little darker than my skin tone (my forearm, shown in the swatch below, is lighter than my lid). I haven’t fully tested this out, but I do like how thin and creamy this is. I like using eye primers on my undereye area to stop concealer from creasing, and thicker formulas are harsher on such delicate skin. That said, I haven’t played around with this in that area yet as I’ve been doing plenty of light makeup days. The color may help hide my dark circles while looking a bit more natural.

The Peter Thomas Roth Prism Cream:

I got scared of this the first time I went to use it as a moisturizer. It comes out of the tube looking exactly like a liquid highlighter, and it’s never really called a moisturizer. I have pretty bad luck with illuminating moisturizers just not being moisturizing enough, so I prefer using them with something else. But I do try to test these out on their own to see what the product itself is doing. And I couldn’t. The only time I tried, it looked like a hideous blob of unblended gold highlighter on my face so I added another moisturizer on top. I actually prefer using this on top of something else, as the shimmer is much more muted and gives a more naturally radiant glow.

The Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume:

This comes out smelling a little cool and watery but off-putting, but then it balances out into a dark, sweet scent that is very stunning and powerful. That said, it somehow has less presence, possibly because it’s an eau de toilette when any similar scents I’ve used are eau de parfum. At times it smells a little masculine, which I don’t mind. It’s definitely a going-out/night perfume. Top notes: Black Truffle, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Black Currant. Middle note: Lotus Wood. Base notes: Patchouli, Incense, Vetiver.

The verdict:

Top to bottom: PTR prism cream (blended and unblended), ABH gloss, Smashbox shadows, Laura Mercier primer (unblended and blended)

Not the best box overall. There was something a little off with each product that made me not like it as much as I could.

-xo, Andi

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4 thoughts on “Play by Sephora – December 2017”

  1. It’s going to be helpful for my next visit to store.
    Am new here as well as in beauty. I agree with you “who said beauty isn’t fun” get some time and visit my blog.

    1. Have fun with your Play boxes! I think having fun is just as important as your skills and much more important than “looking presentable” or having certain products – if you don’t like it, why do it?
      I’d be happy to check out gour blog! Do you mind leaving a link?

  2. omg i’m so jealous about the anastasia lippie, its one of the brands i still wanna try.. sucks you didn’t like the products though, i find that often when the bag seems to good to be true, it usually is? LOL… there are times when i wonder how old these samples really are because they should be just as good as the full size right?!

    1. This is the third product of theirs that I tried (a Glow Kit and concealer). If it didn’t have the glitter, I’d probably have liked it more. And the “problem” with the eyeshadows was that I’d rather have the full palette, not just two shades (and now I probably won’t buy it because I own the duo). Plus I really didn’t understand that Triple Sec and am bad with styling products in general. But yes, it seems like most of the products I’m most excited about are the biggest disappointments! And they’re often hyped products that I’ve heard plenty of people love.

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