Fyrinnae Haul!

Fyrinnae Haul!

Hi guys! If you’re unaware, Fyrinnae is a really cool indie brand based in the Seattle area. This is my second purchase from the brand, despite them being on my radar for years.

The brand:

Fyrinnae’s big calling seems to be loose powders, especially eyeshadows with amazing effects. My first loose shadows were from Fyrinnae, and I actually don’t think they’re difficult to use. Their powder products also include priming and setting powders, blush, and highlight. The brand also has two different lipstick formulas, eyeliner, mascara, a sticky eye base, and more recently, pressed shadows and perfumes!

I love several things about this brand. The bold colors were what attracted me to the brand. But the names are definitely also my style, and the prices are amazing. Most products are in the $7-9 range at full size, but the powder products, Pixie Epoxy (sticky eye base), and perfumes all come in mini sizes as well! The eyeshadows and perfumes are $3 for a sample, and blushes are $1.75. The brand also sends out a random free sample of an eyeshadow with each purchase. Fyrinnae is cruelty-free, and many products are also vegan.

The downside:

Fyrinnae makes a lot of smaller batches, and it can take a while before the package gets shipped, especially during sales or new releases. Neither of my orders took more than one week to prepare, but it is possible. They usually have a notice on their front page about how long it should take to prepare an order. I got the shipping confirmation emails very quickly once they were sent out.

There are a few caps when it comes to placing orders. First, no subtotal above $125 per person per week. Second, no more than 50 eyeshadow minis per order. These are in place to get orders out faster, and for how the products are made and the prices of said products, I don’t think this is unreasonable.

The packaging:

First, this arrived pretty quickly by mail. This shipped from Washington state to Pennsylvania from a Thursday to a Monday. I wasn’t really expecting it to go that quickly, especially since it arrived at the distribution center in Washington on Saturday morning.

This came in a black bubble mailer. The black is a little edgy, great for the brand’s aesthetic. There is also a rolled-up piece of cardboard to keep the products together and give them a little more cushioning.

But then, there’s the wrapping papers! The silver one was wrapped around the perfumes, and the holographic fairy paper was over the entire thing. So pretty!

I also loved the hand-written “thank you” on the invoice slip. It’s just a small gesture, but taking the time to write that out by hand is so nice!

The products:

Eyeshadow minis:

The “normal” formula/shades. Most of these are just really pretty colors! The eyeshadow formula has a binder in it to make the powders ball up – it’s normal!

Jade Ghost: a pale white-based cool green duochrome

Snowstorm: a pale purple-based blue duochrome

Bitey Tyrannosaur: With a name like that, really, how could I not?! A fun, bright green!

Because Cats: A pretty purple-y blueberry sort of color.

Capybara: warm pink-y based purple. I guess you could call it a very warm plum?

Tyr: a dark shimmery blackened green.

Knickers in a Twist: A dark cool taupe shimmer.

Arcane Magic Eyeshadow minis:

These are all truly color-changing based on the light. Applied with a sticky base (preferred) and dry.

Velveteen Werewolf: A versatile golden brown – sometimes more of a cool green-based gold, sometimes a warmer brown.

Werewolf Moon: A bright grassy green going from a cooler teal to a warmer yellow-based green.

Faerie Glamour: A cool, bright purple with more of a blue shift.

The Alchemist: a pretty teal blue-to-purple.

Powder Blush minis:

Seduce: My reason for making the purchase. I wanted a bright purple blush to play around with.

Enchant: A very bright salmon-y coral.

Captivate: a more traditional, muted rosy pink shimmer.

Highlighter mini:

Center Stage: a soft golden champagne. Definitely not a blinding, seen-from-space highlight, but much more wearable for me. Highlight also doesn’t look exciting when swatched on the arm or hand.

Lip Lustre:

Ocelot: I first had my eye on this shade years ago, as it’s just a pretty everyday pink. I talked myself into getting a different shade (Pygmy Hippo) which I do love, but it’s time to get this! Lip Lustres are essentially a traditional bullet lipstick in a gloss/liquid lipstick tube.


I love playing around with different perfumes and matching my scent to my mood. But I don’t know a lot of perfume terms like how all of these scents were broken out into different categories, so I ordered a bunch to try. These are perfume oils (more concentrated than alcohol-based sprays).

Japanese Bobtail: I can’t not try a perfume from a cat collection! Plus it’s floral.

Marshmalloud: I love eating marshmallows. This seemed like a good marshmallow-y perfume that wouldn’t be too sweet. Plus, I do like oud.

Frantic Chipmunk: I also love apples. This may be more of a candle scent than a perfume scent, but we’ll see!

Red Opulence: A rose-based perfume that sounded interesting.

The Poet: More of a trial scent. It’s my first tea-based scent (that I’m aware of) and still includes green leaves (which I do like) and amber.

So far, I want to review these perfumes in a more in-depth way. I’ve been meaning to start reviewing perfumes and collections!

The freebie:

Eyeshadow in Winter Sunrise: This reminded me of a blush at first, due to the packaging. But as I always say, I do love these sorts of pink shadows! It’s a bright orange-y pink shimmer and reminds me of Urban Decay’s Fireball.

The verdict:

Twelve eyeshadows, three blushes, a lipstick, a highlight, and five perfumes for $60. I love the idea of color-changing eyeshadows, and even just the really pretty duochromes and shimmers offer endless possibilities! I’d say they easily have over a hundred shades of eyeshadow – chances are they have what you want. If you’re on the hunt for unusual colors and finishes, interesting names, and a made-by-hand feel, definitely check out Fyrinnae.

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