Play by Sephora March 2018

Play by Sephora March 2018

Hi guys! I’m hopefully back for good now with blogging! I got my Play by Sephora bag. And this month… oh boy! Prepare for a rant.

The theme:

Festival. I’m confused as to why March is festival season. Most of the music fests I’m aware of are more summery. I’m also into heavier rock music, and festival makeup doesn’t really translate the same way.

I opened up the box and the bright red of the info card was staring me down! I loved this shade, and it did seem like a great fit. Unfortunately, only one product really seemed to fit in with the theme, and it was a bit of a stretch (festival = outdoors = SPF needed).

The bag:

It’s tie-dye and blue, really cute. I also noticed that the bag is softer than the usual cotton ones, either due to the tie-dye process or just a different fabric. It seems more apt for summer camp than trendy festivals, though.

The “beauty is my spirit animal” once again annoyed me. For starters, I just don’t understand why anyone would say that. A representative concept like beauty isn’t an animal (obviously). I’ve heard some people say dumb things like “this specific person is my spirit animal” but I’ve still taken it as “this person’s thoughts/actions really resonate with me” and again, beauty doesn’t make sense in this context. And the font choices – why do any of the weird doodle things, and why aren’t any of them consistent? Why is one I drawn like an arrow, but the other three are not? Why are all three A’s different? (I’m picky with fonts, if it’s not obvious).

The products:

Marajo shampoo and conditioner
Dr. Jart BB cream in 01 Light/Medium
Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng and Biotin Volumizing Spray
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil Waterproof in 15 Flirting Game
Sephora Collection Matte Lip Cream in Bohemian Purple

The shampoo and conditioner samples:

I could feel these through the bag and my first thought was eye patches. My second was a mask of some kind. Nope!  don’t mind getting these, but I’d rather get perfume as the “free sample” that gets marketed. I get these sorts of products just often enough that it feels like Play wants to give out perfume every month but can’t? If this was always perfume I’d be happy, and if I never knew what to expect I’d be happy.

I’m passing on the shampoo for now. I’m dealing with some scalp issues and would rather stick with what’s working for me. But the conditioner left my hair extra soft and hydrated. By looks alone, this sample didn’t have enough product for me. And while the results are good, I did feel like the product just disappeared into my hair a little before I fully worked it in. So I added a little bit of my normal conditioner, which I don’t care much for. Even with that, it still worked well.

The Dr. Jart BB cream:

I bought a sample of this using points at Sephora about a year ago. The color isn’t a good match. It’s too dark and a weird pinky-gray undertone. I can mix it with my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water to get rid of the undertone. I’m not a huge fan of this mix, though. It seemed to emphasize my pores and looked a little heavy for my taste. I don’t remember this happening when I previously owned it, but can’t remember much about it from the last time. I’ll use it up, but a bit of a fail.

The Briogeo volumizing spray:

This stuff smells great! A sort of citrusy summery scent! Every now and again I’ll decide I want volume, too. I didn’t follow the directions per se, as I let my hair air-dry. But I sprayed this a couple times, focusing more on the roots, before brushing my hair upside-down. Once I flipped my head back, my hair fell in a slightly different way and there’s more volume. I think my hair cooperated a little bit more with this than it normally does when I style it like that. Overall less knots and flyaways. I also got comments on my hair! My hair looked greasier faster than it normally does – I had to apply dry shampoo on the third day after washing instead of the fourth.

The Lancome mascara:

I just received a different Lancome mascara last month. This doesn’t seem all that curated/thoughtful or even just random. Subscription boxes are usually better at timing things so you don’t get the same thing month after month after month.

I won’t review this mascara, as I have about a million backups to use before I get to this one.

The Sephora Collection eyeliner:

First, I’m slightly confused by the name. The little cardboard tube this came in listed all the shades and finishes in the collection, but didn’t list the names. So this was “15 taupe shimmer”. While it’s nice to know what’s available in the line, why show the tips of the colors and then list said colors without naming them?

Continuing the trend, I did receive this in a past box, back in maybe September or October? I got a standard matte black, pretty boring. I have a million black eyeliner pencils to go through, so I haven’t really used it. While I like shimmery dark taupe eyeshadows, this is my first eyeliner in the shade. The color feels incredibly safe, considering spring and the festival theme. Yes, it’s pretty, but it’s more of an eyeshadow color than an eyeliner shade. I wore it on my lower lashline, and it looked like eyeshadow.

There’s very little staying power with this. It was completely gone from my lashline (as in below and through my lower lashes, not as in my waterline) within a couple hours. It looked like I hadn’t even put anything on. I’ve dealt with smudgy raccoon eyes, but never this. Going into the trash.

The Sephora Collection lip cream:

Where to begin with this?! You know how I just said I received a Lancome mascara last month and how I received the same Sephora Collection liner I got in the past, but in a worse color? Combine the two and I’ll link in last month’s Play review: I complained last month about receiving two matte lip products from the Sephora Collection brand. And yes, one was a Sephora Collection Matte Lip Cream. Subscription boxes are supposed to be about introducing different products, and I can’t understand how receiving four products from the same brand in two months qualifies. Especially when three of four products were lippies and two were the EXACT SAME FORMULA.

Shoving the less-expensive store brand down my throat also feels cheap. Either they’re trying to cut costs by sending out cheaper samples, or they’re unwilling to try to find other products to showcase.

Onto the lippie itself. It’s a decent formula in terms of not being too drying for a matte, with good staying power. The shade is patchy, though, and layering the product didn’t work well for me. It felt thick and a little crusty but still didn’t look fully opaque. Also what’s with this color? Again, I hear festival makeup and I think bold, bright colors. Not muted gray-ish purple more appropriate for fall. The shade doesn’t work with my skintone. I’ve got a warm yellow undertone, and this clashed and looked dead on me. A more vibrant purple would have been more appropriate and flattering. The image above is much more pink than in real life – the purple swatch below is much more true to life. Trashed.

The verdict:

I think this is the worst subscription box I’ve ever received.  I’ve never had any box or bag, from Play, Ipsy, or Birchbox, send me a single repeat of what they previously sent. And here are three in one box! (I have received multiples of a product from different subscriptions or from getting samples elsewhere, as in this Dr. Jart BB Cream). The lack of perfume and skincare, and meh-ness about the other products didn’t help matters. I do like mentioning the product(s) that I liked the most, and I think by default that’s the Briogeo spray.

I’m expecting my April Play box to arrive any day now. And depending on what’s in there, I may very well cancel my subscription.

-xo, Andi

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3 thoughts on “Play by Sephora March 2018”

  1. I agree about it being men of the worst boxes ever. Though the bag was cute, I mainly liked the fabric lol.
    Anyway, I received the exact same bag as you. The B.B. cream was too light for my skin tone so I didn’t even try to use it. The Sephora collection crayon was also a repeat for me as I previously got a black one last year, I’m giving mine away since I know I won’t use it and I’m not a fan of the crayon once it’s sharpened…im about to toss my black one because it doesn’t sharpen well., .. the lip cream was definitely patchy but I think the formula was creamy enough for me.
    Anyway, I have been noticing how it doesn’t seem as structured as Ipsy. Like great we get to try some high end brands but they’re also putting a lot of the Sephora collection products, and that’s nice to do every once in a while but I feel like we’ve been getting that a lot.. and I’ve been getting mascaras nearly every month, like, there’s a million other products they can send., ugh. Idk,,, it’s nearing a year of my subscription with Sephora and I’m not sure how to feel about it…

    1. We normally receive some of the same products, but I don’t think we ever got all the same products. I did like the red color I got in this lip formula in February, so I think I just tried layering it too much. And I haven’t even used their black liner yet because I have so many to use up.
      I got my April box in the mail yesterday, and I received another repeat, of a perfume. Seriously the exact same perfume, not even a different version in the same line. And i got it in November or December. Repeats was one of my big no’s so I’ll be unsubscribing. And I‘m less than thrilled about the rest of my box for the third month in a row. It honestly doesn‘t even seem worth the $10 a month.

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