My Daily Eye Look

My Daily Eye Look

I like playing with all sorts of eye makeup tricks, but sometimes bright blue eyeshadow or a super smoky look just doesn’t work. First, it was an on-site construction management internship, where I wanted to wear makeup but not look like it because, well, it’s a construction site where I was one of two women.… Continue Reading My Daily Eye Look

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

So a little while ago I decided to splurge and buy the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette. It’s got nine colors, with a guide for three looks to start off with, each using a row of three colors. This is my third palette from Too Faced, and while cat eyes on their own are not… Continue Reading Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

My Foray into Liquid Lipstick

So I’m supposed to be working on an academic paper for my professor, and should actually be done by now, but professional writing is boring. Also, I have references to do, and that will take me forever. And so here I am, procrastinating. I do that well. Anyway, I was in Target the other day and… Continue Reading My Foray into Liquid Lipstick